Program Management

The Challenge

In June 2012, Strategic Sourcing was invited to join a professional team of Telco managers in Florida to discuss an upcoming consolidation and growth program of several call centers across the country.

At the conclusion of those discussions, it was decided to expand an existing center by approximately 20,000 sf. and rebuild 40,000 sq ft of existing space, affecting approximately 750 employees.

Our Solution & Services

Our firm was engaged to develop a professional team comprised of architects and contractors to design and build-out 60,000 sq ft of call center space within record time. Solicitation in the form of RFI and RFP’s was published and extensive review of each response was made based on a set of very strict criteria.  In collaboration with our client, the selection and award process was made. As the program management firm of record, we quickly pulled together the architect and key members from the client to assemble space requirements, develop budgets and identify key milestone dates that needed to be achieved in order to meet our clients “Day One” date of December 31, 2012.

In early September 2012, a $2+ million dollar contract was awarded and construction commenced immediately.  Under the leadership of our firm with full-time field managers on site overseeing and coordinating all trades including furniture suppliers, voice and data vendors and the clients internal call center employees, our goals were met.

In December, we turned over the 60,000 sq ft of space to our client.  Major building infrastructure had to be put in place to support the demands of the call center.  New UPS and HVAC systems with redundancy were designed and installed.  New complex electrical switch gear equipment was designed and installed to serve the centers electrical needs in case of major power failures.  Over 170 new system furniture workstations were purchased and installed and 580 existing workstations were upgraded and/or rearranged to accommodate the design.


In early 2013, Strategic Sourcing performed the final commissioning of the space and turned over the project to our client under budget and on time.

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