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verizon-cs2As a preferred sign vendor for Verizon, Strategic Sourcing has been responsible for design development, fabrication and installation of the exterior and interior signage for the new Verizon FiOS Local Presence Centers across the northeast area. We have been instrumental in providing signage for nearly 80 local presence centers. Other phases included in this process are code research, landlord and client approvals and permit acquisition.

verizon-cs3Verizon Plus

Strategic Sourcing has been instrumental in helping Verizon Plus maintain properly lit signage throughout the country. Currently, we are designing, fabricating and installing new signage at locations selected by Verizon for renovations.

verizon-cs5Verizon Waltham, MA

Strategic Sourcing was contracted by Verizon to design, fabricate and install a sign for the new Verizon Experience Center located in Waltham, MA. Located within the clearstory structure, the sign is suspended nearly 62 feet above finished floor using aviation cable. The overall dimensions of the sign are 18’ wide x 10’ 8-3/8” tall. Each individual letter in the word Verizon is 2’ 7-1/2” tall. The sign is highlighted during the night by fiber optic cables that run behind it.

verizon-cs6Verizon Experience

Strategic Sourcing was commissioned to collaborate with Verizon Wireless and the architectural firm, Gruskin Group, to develop a new retail store concept and brand name "Verizon Experience." A new brand image was developed with extensive full scale store and sign prototype development.

verizon-cs7In the same year, the client launched a new brand identity as a pilot project. Once again, we collaborated with our client and the design firm, Gruskin Group, addressing the signage for the new pilot project. Extensive research and development was done, generating several sign design solutions and sign prototypes. The first prototype store was built in Southlake, Texas. Our firm was engaged to manage all aspects of signage for the project. The second hybrid store was built in the Fair Oaks Mall located in Fairfax, VA. Again, Strategic Sourcing was in charge of all signage for the new location.

Both hybrid retail stores were approximately 4,500 square feet built out using high-end materials and building fixtures in a record breaking time.

verizon-cs8Verizon Nationwide Garage Program

Verizon Communications commissioned Strategic Sourcing to assist their team in developing an interior signage program tailored to a national, companywide initiative. Verizon currently has thousands of garage & plant work centers across the country with major warehousing of parts and supplies.

verizon-cs9The initiative that was assigned to Strategic Sourcing was to develop a signage program that would easily identify the various supplies within large store rooms. We collaborated with the end users to ensure the sign messages were conveyed properly, the signs were located strategically and the construction of the signs were durable but yet priced to meet their budgets. Schedules were extremely critical since the program had a fixed budget and had to be spent within a pre-determined timeframe.

verizon-cs10Phase one focused on specific facilities spanning from Rhode Island to California. A total of 12,500 signs of different text and size were fabricated and distributed to over 89 facilities for phase one. The project was assigned to us on November 8, 2011 and our first distribution of 8,000 signs for Phase One was completed on December 9, 2011. Our client’s expectations were exceeded in both the schedule and cost.

During Phase Two, more than 15,000 signs were distributed to 150 locations. This phase was completed at the end of June 2012. Preparations for Phase Three have begun.


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